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n. 銃 [スペイン語]

Where the cuete's bustin'

California - Lil Rob

n. 女

I wanna be your chick

Down 4 U - Ashanti

This Harlem chick wanna know what's good with you

DANCE - Lumidee

n. 《メキシカン俗》 = California. 南カリフォルニアのメキシカンが使う言葉。

Simon, California, that's right, west coast. Califa

Goin' Back to Cali Remix- Lil Rob

Because I grew up in Califa, you know.

n. 車に施す光沢度の高い塗装。

Candy paint gets props, Hair and nails fresh from the shop

Summertime In The SFV - LaLa

n. お金。類似スラング:green, dough, C.R.E.A.M., Benjamin, dead presidents, paper

You could take a new job offer for more chips

Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee - Canibus

where I can pile up my chips and niggaz call me a timer

Ain't Hard 2 Find - 2Pac

cause nothin' stops my chips

Run Tha Streetz - Storm

n. お金。 cheddar cheese ともいう。類似スラング:green, dough, C.R.E.A.M., Benjamin, dead presidents, paper

I got the cheese baby; my cheddar's better

Cold Rock a Party - MC Lyte

a mother fucking fool 'bout my fucking cheddar cheese

Thug Passion - Dramacydal

we makin the chedder

Hey Dj (Play that song) - Tony Touch feat. Nina Sky feat. B-Real

v. バカにして嘲笑う

They was clownin' you at work today."

- Friday

More bounce to the ounce and I'm clownin'"

Switchez - Eazy E

n. お金 類似スラング:dough, C.R.E.A.M., Benjamin, dead presidents, paper

Niggaz be actin like they savage, they out to get the cabbage

2pac - 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wantede

= Chicago

Man, she was in the Chi. singin that same song

Same Girl - R. Kelly

Who the, Windy City woman still still comin and gunnin straight from the Chi

Da Brat - Ladies Night (Not Tonight remix)

= Compton ロサンゼルスのサウスセントラル地区にある市。

because I got the CPT sign written across my chest

Born And Raised In Compton - Dj Quik

just cause I'm from CPT

Fuck tha police - N.W.A.


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