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v. watch out, look out [スペイン語]

Whatcha trucha, calmate escucha

Tres Delinquentes - Delinquent Habits

Trucha when you get too close

California - Lil Rob

n. 余計なアドバイス。

Puttin' your cheap two cents in?

None Of Your Business - salt 'n pepa

adj. = cool カッコいい

always my shit is tight

Gangsta lovin' - Eve

= to be there with someone throughout everything.

I want friend that be through thick and thin

Keri Hilson - Good Things

So do you know where you goin' to, Through thick and thin, baby

Sylk-E-Fine - Romeo And Juliet

《ヒップホップ》 i.

Now just throw your hands in the motherfuckin air, And wave the motherfuckers like ya just don't care

who Am I (What's My Name)? - Snoop Dogg

Throw ya hands in the sky 'cause The Game don't stop

Game's Pain - The Game

Throw your hands in the air, if youse a true player

Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G.

i. 肌の色が濃いほど黒人女性は魅力的。

Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice"

Keep Ya Head Up - 2Pac

S:Yeah. Older the berry, the sweeter the juice.
C:Man, it's the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice."

- Friday

= thats cool

am i right? (you right) baby, thats whats up"

Dem Jeans - Chingy

n. = bitch. 放送禁止用語ではないのでラジオバージョンの歌詞などに使われることもある。

bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks"

Bitches Ain't Shit - Dr. Dre

v. 車体の低いクラシックカーでタイヤをひとつ浮かせて運転する。 Dre Dre の let me rideなどのビデオで登場する。

took another sip of the potion hit the three-wheel motion

It Was A Good Day - Ice Cube

we three wheelin in the fo' with the gold D's

Ride with me - Nelly

v. = overreact. (うろたえて)大げさに反応する。反意語:chill

Fuck 'bout the CLUCK! CLUCK! Eve ain't trippin'

Statisfaction- EVE


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candy rain Matter fact I can't wait for your candy raincandy rain の意味

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