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《商標》 高級テキーラの銘柄 [スペイン語]

Quiero rondas de Patron, con sal y limón

Nuestra Cancion - Snow Tha Product

= さよなら。あいさつの一種。

Peace out to brooklyn

Real Love Remix - The Notorious B.I.G.

v. = to leave 帰る、立ち去る。
v. to stay there and hang out. そのままそこにいる。

When we be up in the club, We be posting the back

LL Cool J - Headsprung

n. お金 同義語:green, dough, C.R.E.A.M., Benjamin, dead presidents

So what you need is some game, to get your money man Ohh baby, in the world of paper, paper

Mr. Kane - Paper'd Up

You gotta have papers in this world

2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted - Snoop Dogg

v. 大麻を数人でまわし吸いする。

We gotta puff, puff pass, the blunt must last

Puff Puff Pass - Young Buck

The seats bucket when we puff puff pass

Coastin' - Zion I

yea puff puff pass that shit right here

Kush - Dr Dre

n. ゲームの一種。 puff puff pass と言って順番にマリファナ渡して吸い、むせたり、意識をたもてなくなった人が輪からぬけていく。 puff puff give ともいう。

Puff, puff, give. puff, puff, give. You fuckin' up the rotation"

- Friday

《ジャマイカ語》 = Bumbaclot
= ralax. chill, kick it

blunts and gin all day, twenty-fo' parlay

All Eyez On Me - 2Pac

makin g's and parlay, plus goin on vacations

Butt Naked - Akinyele

Hit the park and parlay

U Know What's Up - Donell Jones

n. 警察 cop, narc, 5-o

po-po coming but im scared to toss it

Why we thug - Ice Cube

Po Po's after me I'm runnin like I'm smokin

Ghetto Story - Alicia Keys

n. = playa

I'm a motherfucking P-I-M-P"

P.I.M.P. - 50 cent

v. カッコよくする


n. = penitentiary

you'd rather see me in the pen"

Fuck tha Police - N.W.A.

I see the penitentiary"

Dear Mama - 2Pac

Before I let a nigga disrespect you I be back in the pen"

Trade It All - Lyrics


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candy rain Matter fact I can't wait for your candy raincandy rain の意味

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