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v. watch out, look out [スペイン語]

Whatcha trucha, calmate escucha

Tres Delinquentes - Delinquent Habits

Trucha when you get too close

California - Lil Rob

n. = (ヒップホップ)業界、(ヒップホップ)ビジネス

I been in the game for ten years makin rap tunes

Dr. Dre - California Love

I'm the B-A-D-D-E-S-T, Chick in the game

Lil' Kim - Spell Check

I've been in this game, it's a new day

Keyshia Cole - Game's Pain

n. 恋のかけひき

But baby, your game is slippin

No Love - Tha' Rayne

v. 恋のかけひきをする

You gets N-O L-O-V-E from me You be steady gamin all the time

No Love - Tha' Rayne

Stop playin, you gamin' I gotta leave you alone

All I Have - Jennifer Lopez

= さよなら。あいさつの一種。

Peace out to brooklyn

Real Love Remix - The Notorious B.I.G.

v. = to leave 帰る、立ち去る。
v. to stay there and hang out. そのままそこにいる。

When we be up in the club, We be posting the back

LL Cool J - Headsprung

v. 大麻(マリファナ)を巻くときにほかの覚醒物を混ぜる。

And crumble green on a Zig-Zag and lacin' with hash"

Lights Out- Westside Connection

Nickel bag full of sess weed laced with hash"

It Ain't Easy -2Pac

v. = fall in love badly. 恋する

guess im sprung on this thug

Lala - Sprung On A Thug

v. 大麻を数人でまわし吸いする。

We gotta puff, puff pass, the blunt must last

Puff Puff Pass - Young Buck

The seats bucket when we puff puff pass

Coastin' - Zion I

yea puff puff pass that shit right here

Kush - Dr Dre

n. ゲームの一種。 puff puff pass と言って順番にマリファナ渡して吸い、むせたり、意識をたもてなくなった人が輪からぬけていく。 puff puff give ともいう。

Puff, puff, give. puff, puff, give. You fuckin' up the rotation"

- Friday

v. = to leave その場を離れる

Shake the spot with my knot"

Regulate - Warren G


v. = to understand

Can you dig it?

- Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

v. = show off. front. 豪華な生活を自慢する

Chicks is wishin' they could stunt like me

You Can't Deny It - Ashanti

My wrists stay rocked up My TV's pop up in a Maybach benz I'll teach you how to stunt

Stunt - G-Unit

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