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= its going down.

So now it's on

Dip It Low (Remix) - Shawnna

When my junk get to pumping in the club. It's on

In Da Club - 50 cent

So if you say it's on then it's on

Ladies Night - Angie Martinez

Tell me if it's on, nigga then we first to bomb

Still Ballin - 2Pac

You say that it's on

All I ever wanted - Mase Feat. Cheri Dennis

n. 友達グループ。同意語:crew

They took a whole clique

All I Ever Wanted - Mase

G-Unit in the house, yeah thats my clique

Just A Lil' Bit - 50 cent

Me and my clique was - rollin thick on 24's on a dirty lick

So Sexyt - Twista

Now he on the sideline starin at my clique

Tipsy - J-Know

.v 特別なにもしない。 = relax. hang out. 同義スラング:kick it  反意語:trip

So just chill, til the next episode

Nuthin But A G Thang - Dr Dre

We cruise and find a place to chill and relax

Lil' Rob - Just One Of Those Days

And we can meet up the next day and chill

Sunshine - Lil' Flip

You thought that I'd be stressed without ya, But I'm chillin'

Survivor - Destiny's Child

Some days I make millions. Spend my day chillin

Breathe, Stretch, Shake - Mase

Yo chill, Shorty, let me do that...

Gimme The Loot - Notorious B.I.G.

Homie 1: what's up, homie?
Homie 2: chillin'

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