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= their

why do niggaz lie in eighty-five percent of they rhymes"

Why - Jadakiss

when they play it in they car They gon drop they tops like Damn that's hot"

Let it Go - Keysha Cole

To all the ladies havin babies on they own

Keep Ya Head Up - 2pac

1. = their

And pimps be on a mission for them greens

California Love - 2Pac

2. them = these または those

In a gangsta's way that's how them fools get dealt wit

Give it 2 you - Da Brat

Cause them girls over three don't got a problem given head

I'm So Fly - Lloyd Banks

why them dudes ain't ridin' if there part of your set

Why - Jadakiss

You do shit that dem hoes on a rag'll do

What's Happnin'! - Trick Daddy

Fool, I got them bomb-ass tapes

You Know How We Do It - Ice Cube

《商標》 = 高級シャンパン Louis Roederer's Cristal. pop the cris (シャンパンを開ける)で使われることが多い。

pop the Cris', whip the six and shit

Let's get high - Dr. Dre

you done forgot who introduced you to rocks and poppin all that cris an shit

Here we go - Trina

bet I'm gon pop that Cris tonight

Me & U - Cassie

you mix a lil' Cris with a little Don Perignon

Disco Inferno - 50 cent

give me the Henny, you can give me the Cris

Pass The Courvoisier - Busta Rhymes

why at the bar you ain't take straight shots instead of poppin Crist'

Why - Jadakiss

poppin like we drug dealers, sippin Crissy, bubb' mackin

Ride with me - Nelly

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    candy rain Matter fact I can't wait for your candy raincandy rain の意味

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