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Foxy Brown

= get ones swerve on で enjoy の意味.

bumpin like a motherfucker ready to get my serve on

Let me ride - Dr. Dre

gets my swerve on, floss pure rocks

Get Me Home - Foxy Brown

So what cha sayin, I get my swerve on

Doin It - LL Cool J


《略》also known as / としても知られる

B-I-G, G-I-E, AKA, B.I.G. Get it? Biggie. Also known as the bon appetit

NOTORIOUS B.I.G. - Unbelieveable

HipHop アーティストのニックネーム

Artists also known as
2pac Makaveli / Pac
The Notorious BIG Big Poppa, Biggie
Lil Rob 1218
B Real Buddha Master
Lil Kim Queen Bee
Foxy Brown ill nana
Eminem Slim Shady
Trina The baddest bitch
Daz Dillinger Dat Nigga Daz
Snoop Dogg Snoop Doggy Dogg
P. Diddy Sean Combs / Puff Daddy
T.I. T.I.P.
Fat Joe J.O.S.E. (Jealous Ones Still Envy)
Jennifer Lopez J-Lo
Jermaine Dupri JD
Mariah Carey Mimi
n. 店やクラブ、ホテルの前で客から鍵を預かり車を管理する係員。

Tell Valet to bring my Lac"

Goodies - Petey Pablo"

Tell the valet, bring the Benz around"

Check Out Time - 2Pac

Outside of the club talkin to Valet"

Get Me Home - Foxy Brown

v. 車と鍵を係員へ預ける
《ジャマイカ語》 = fuck

The roughest toughest bumboclat bad man from outta Jamaica"

Bossman - Beenie Man

big man bumbaclat star, push hot car"

Run dem - Foxy Brown


adj. = crazy, loco

they say I'm 7-30

730 - Foxy Brown

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    candy rain Matter fact I can't wait for your candy raincandy rain の意味

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