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interj. [スペイン語] = Yep, Hell yeah

Simon, I'm the vato bringing the oldies straight back from the past

Lil' Rob - If You Should Lose Me

I'm bringing it back (Simon)

Lil' Rob - Bringing It Back

Simon, California, that's right, west coast. Califas"

Lil Rob - Goin' Back to Cali Remix

n. 《メキシカン俗》 = California. 南カリフォルニアのメキシカンが使う言葉。

Simon, California, that's right, west coast. Califa

Goin' Back to Cali Remix- Lil Rob

Because I grew up in Califa, you know.


= 南カリフォルニア San Fernando Valley 市外局番

cellies blowin' 818, 213, 310, Dont you know thats Cali Cali"

Going Back To Cali - Lala feat. Lil Rob


= Los Angeles 市外局番

people start to flash, 818's, 213's"

Going Back To Cali - Notorious B.I.G.


= Los Angeles市外局番

people start to flash, 818's, 213's"

Going Back To Cali - Notorious B.I.G.

= California.

Dre puttin it down for Californ-i-a"

California love - Dr. Dre

all the way back to Californ-i-a"

Lean back Remix - Eminem

well its Fergie motherfuckin comin straight from Californ-i-a"

Party People - Nelly feat. Fergie

= California

I'm going going, back back, to Cali Cali

Going Back To Cali - The Notorious BIG

now i'm goin back to Cali

Hate it or love it - The Game

who the hell wanna see me, from B.K. to cali

Ghetto Superstar - Mya

Take trips to Cali

Do You Wanna Roll? - Lil' Kim

n. マリファナ

pass hash from left to right"

Going Back To Cali - Notorious B.I.G.


1964年のchevy impala. クラッシック車。西海岸ラップ音楽のビデオによく使われるためヒップホップのイメージが定着。

I put gold Daytonas on that Cherry Six-Four

This Is How We Do - The Game

push the Maybach Monday, Tuesday Impala

Sunshine - Lil Flip

she got freaky in yo' sixty-fo'

Xxplosive - Six-Two

sitting passenger in my rag impala

Summer Nights - Lil' Rob

Got chrome D's in my sies-quarto

Definition of an ese - Down aka kilo

My Cali girl make it bounce like a six-fo'

so sexy - Twista

In a '64, me and baby boo cruisin'

Beautiful - Snoop Dogg

Showed you what a Six-ty Fo' is

Until We Rich - Ice Cube

n. = proper respect. 正当な評価、評判。敬意を込めた感謝。

givin' LA props all I got is beef

Going Back To Cali - The Notorious B.I.G.

Record shop getting props

Real Love Remix - The Notorious B.I.G.(Mary J Blige)

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