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n. 車に施す光沢度の高い塗装。

Candy paint gets props, Hair and nails fresh from the shop

Summertime In The SFV - LaLa

n. 1963年のchevy impala. クラッシック車。西海岸ラップ音楽のビデオによく使われるためヒップホップのイメージが定着。

I'm lowridin homie, 6 Tre impala"

Westside Story - The Game

When the six-tray bounce, the street scrapin the bumper"

Who Ride Wit Us - Daz

n. 店やクラブ、ホテルの前で客から鍵を預かり車を管理する係員。

Tell Valet to bring my Lac"

Goodies - Petey Pablo"

Tell the valet, bring the Benz around"

Check Out Time - 2Pac

Outside of the club talkin to Valet"

Get Me Home - Foxy Brown

v. 車と鍵を係員へ預ける
v. 車体の低いクラシックカーでタイヤをひとつ浮かせて運転する。 Dre Dre の let me rideなどのビデオで登場する。

took another sip of the potion hit the three-wheel motion

It Was A Good Day - Ice Cube

we three wheelin in the fo' with the gold D's

Ride with me - Nelly


fallin' back on that ass, with a hellified gangsta lean

Nuthin But A "G" Thang - Snoop Doggy Dogg

n. 車体と低くした車。ローライダー車。

comin straight from CalifornIA, stuntin in my low low"

Party People - Nelly feat. Fergie

Hitting them corners in them low low’s girl

Snoop Dogg - Still Dre

n. 高級車

i switch whips like kicks im a balla

Sunshine - Lil Flip feat. Lea

bang this in your whips

Ladies night - Lil Kim

n. サンルーフ付きの車。。オープンカー

Cruisin' in my '64 rag top"

Switchez - Eazy E

Oldies in the back drop Playin out the rag-top"

Neighborhood Music - Lil Rob


1964年のchevy impala. クラッシック車。西海岸ラップ音楽のビデオによく使われるためヒップホップのイメージが定着。

I put gold Daytonas on that Cherry Six-Four

This Is How We Do - The Game

push the Maybach Monday, Tuesday Impala

Sunshine - Lil Flip

she got freaky in yo' sixty-fo'

Xxplosive - Six-Two

sitting passenger in my rag impala

Summer Nights - Lil' Rob

Got chrome D's in my sies-quarto

Definition of an ese - Down aka kilo

My Cali girl make it bounce like a six-fo'

so sexy - Twista

In a '64, me and baby boo cruisin'

Beautiful - Snoop Dogg

Showed you what a Six-ty Fo' is

Until We Rich - Ice Cube

v. (車を)転がす

Rolling a double R

Pac's Life - 2Pac

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