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《ジャマイカ語》= going

Big things a gwaan fi all di shy man dem

Diana King - Shy Guy

wah gwaano? =(what's going on?)

n. 《レゲエ俗》 ジャマイカのスカ・レゲエ音楽ファン

Rudebwoy lovin wid a little romance

Dude Remix - Beenie Man

Gal ah get ripe so rudeboy forward nah botha flee

Infiltrate - Sean Paul

《ジャマイカ》 = in

Two pounds a weed inna van back, It inna your hand bag, your knapsack, it inna your back pack"

Welcome To Jamrock - Damian Marley

An mi best friend Richie get, two inna him dome

Ghetto Story - Cham

《ジャマイカ語》 = Bumbaclot


《ジャマイカ語》 = to

you need fi know that you wanna keep your woman loving you

These Streets - Tanya Stephens

Yes a whole eep a pretty boy wah fi love me

Shy Guy - Diana King

《ジャマイカ語》 = for

This a fi all a di man dem

Respect Yuh Wife - Cecile


= them

《ジャマイカ語》 = they

I don't really watch what dem waan do"

Like Glue - Sean Paul

《ジャマイカ語》 = fuck

The roughest toughest bumboclat bad man from outta Jamaica"

Bossman - Beenie Man

big man bumbaclat star, push hot car"

Run dem - Foxy Brown

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    candy rain Matter fact I can't wait for your candy raincandy rain の意味

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